Panama Canal bibliography

PANAMA HISTORY 1821-1903 Department of Columbia, Railroad and Gold Rush Davis, Richard Harding. Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1896. Reprinted 1903. Hardcover, 282 pages. Reprinted 2002 by Fredonia Books. Softcover, 300 pages. *** (Three Stars). This is a well-written and illustrated travel book that includes a chapter on […]

Crossing the Isthmus of Panama

“…the family most likely crossed the isthmus of Panama, which replaced the dangerous eight-week-long all-sea voyage to become the major artery connecting the east coast to california and the primary route for transporting gold, mail, news, and packages. Adult passengers watched the scantily dressed Panamanian natives through the train windows, marveled at the rain forests, […]