New York City

Josephine’s European roots: The Marcus family in Nakel, Posen

J   Polish or German?  Understanding Josephine’s European roots is complicated by the shifting borders, cultural prejudices, political/economic issues that underly the emergence of Prussia and then modern Germany in the 19th century. Josephine’s parents were from Posen, in the eastern part of Prussia; on today’s map, it is less than 250 miles NW of […]

The Marcus Family on Moving to San Francisco

“With this encouraging track record of tolerance, plus a temperate climate and booming economy, San Francisco had much to offer an immigrant Jewish family. hyman Marcus had achieved only modest success as a baker, and he and Sophia were ready to leave the filth and the grinding poverty of Five Points.” -p. 17, Lady at […]

Josephine’s Parents in New York

“They probably settled in the Five Points neighborhood of Manhattan’s lower east side, where they would have found the streets filled with Jews speaking German and Yiddish, including many from Posen.” -p. 15, Lady at the OK Corral