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The Death of Josephine Earp

Josephine died on December 19, 1944. A terrible silence followed her death. No immediate family stepped forward to make the arrangements for her funeral; it was William S. Hart and Sidney Grauman who paid for the brief service at the Armstrong Family Mortuary, but neither of them attended. Rabbi Maxwell Dubin officiated, most likely pressed […]

Josephine Destroys Her Memoirs

After one particularly stormy writing session, Josephine declared that she was finished. She wanted the manuscript destroyed. The fire was prepared. Josephine Earp watched Mabel Cason feed papers into the flames. One by one, hundreds of typewritten pages turned into ashes. As the pages were consumed, Josephine evoked a curse against anyone who would disturb […]

Josephine on Jews

The Casons assumed that Josephine had some special connection to the Hollywood moguls because of her religion. In fact, Judaism was a subject of great interest to the well-educated Cason family, who were Seventh-Day Adventists, and they were disappointed that Josephine was cheerfully ignorant. She did like to talk about Jewish food and tell Jewish […]

Josephine Finds Biographers and a New Family with the Cason-Ackermans

What began as a temporary visit lengthened into a cycle in which she would stay with Mabel, then Vinnolia, for months at a time, and then return to other friends in Los Angeles while Mabel and Vinnolia wrote up their notes and continued their research. In the Depression era, taking in elderly relatives and stranded […]

Josephine Meets Wyatt’s Lost Relatives

In 1936, Josephine noticed an obituary entitled “Wife of Gunman’s Kin Dies,” which identified the recently deceased Alice Earp as the wife of Wyatt’s cousin and a resident of Los angeles. Josephine tracked down the family mentioned in the article; they had not known that Wyatt’s widow was alive but invited her to visit. … […]

Hattie’s Will

Hattie’s ashes were scattered among the wildflowers of the Berkeley Hills, as she had instructed. Her chinchilla-trimmed broadtail coat and Russian sable scarf went to Edna, who received half of her mother’s estate, with the other half left to Hattie’s son Emil Jr. If both of her children died, the estate was to be split […]

Josephine Falls Ill After Losing Hattie

The loss of her sister precipitated a medical crisis, just as Wyatt’s death had. Josephine suffered an acute attack of arthritis in her neck and upper arm, which nearly immobilized her for months. She was contending with money problems as well; now that she was not staying frequently with Hattie, she had more of her […]

Stuart Lake Writes Wyatt’s Biography

“I have not tried to interpret Wyatt Earp,” Lake pledged. “I have told of the old West as simply as I might.” But by the time he began to write, Wyatt was dead, and there was no check on Lake’s exuberant press-agent style of history. He was after the legend, not the life, and had […]

LA Racing Circuit

“Josephine liked traveling around the California racing circuit and being a welcome guest in glamorous hotels, like Hollenbeck’s in Los Angeles, which attracted many of the Arizona old-timers, and Lucky Baldwin’s hotel in San Francisco. she knew the name and age of every horse, and crooned to them in their stables.” -p. 79, Lady at […]