the Story of Wyatt and Sallie Earp

Roger Jay on Sallie Earp:  Tombstone, Arizona – Reign Of The Rough-Scuff: Law And Lucre In Wichita http://www.jcs-group.com/oldwest/tombstone/earp5.html Reign Of The Rough-Scuff Law And Lucre In Wichita Wyatt Earp and other lawmen ‘disciplined’ the Texas drovers who sought entertainment at the end of the trail, and also fined those in the Kansas cow town who […]

Wichita and a New Wife

“In Wichita he entered into a second relationship, though this one had no officiating justice of the peace. he lived for more than a year with Sally Haspel, who was probably the daughter of a local madam who worked with Bessie. newspaper accounts identify as “Sarah Earp” as depraved but good-looking.” -p. 36, Lady at […]