Doc’s Last Hurrah

“In the spring of 1885, Josephine and Wyatt were staying in Denver’s Windsor Hotel, visiting from Aspen, where Wyatt had invested in a saloon. Tombstone came walking toward them, in the form of Doc Holliday. shockingly thin, unsteady on his legs, coughing continually, Doc found it difficult to talk, but he had learned that Wyatt […]

Wearing the Pants

“The Earps traveled alone to explore the silver fields of Idaho, via Ouray, Colorado, and then across the Rockies. Anticipating the rigors of crossing the 11,000-foot red Mountain Pass, still covered in snow despite the late spring, Wyatt suggested that Josephine exchange her skirts for overalls. She was horrified at first―what would the hotel guests […]

Brush with Baby Doe

“From Utah, Josephine traveled to Colorado, where she stayed at the luxurious Tabor Hotel, owned by a wealthy industrialist and his beautiful young wife, the improbably named Baby Doe.” -p. 72, Lady at the OK Corral