Recharging in San Francisco

“After their business reversals in San Diego, Josephine and Wyatt regrouped in San Francisco; it was the city they loved most, and an important time for Josephine to be closer to her family. Her father had fallen ill and died on January 5, 1895, the first of the Marcus family to be buried in the […]

LA Racing Circuit

“Josephine liked traveling around the California racing circuit and being a welcome guest in glamorous hotels, like Hollenbeck’s in Los Angeles, which attracted many of the Arizona old-timers, and Lucky Baldwin’s hotel in San Francisco. she knew the name and age of every horse, and crooned to them in their stables.” -p. 79, Lady at […]

Settling Down in San Diego

“For three years Josephine and Wyatt had been nomads, sometimes staying in luxurious hotels but more often in crude boardinghouses in backwater boomtowns that sputtered out after less than a year. San Diego offered the prospect of glamor and sophistication, perhaps a place worthy of a permanent residence.” -p. 77, Lady at the OK Corral

Sister Sledge

“Josephine went home to San Francisco for the wedding of her sister Hattie to Emil Lehnhardt, happy to exchange her Rocky Mountain overalls for beautiful dresses that showed off her fine figure and the healthy glow of these joyous first months with Wyatt. it was July 5, 1883, barely three months since she had left […]

The Reality of Home

“The contrast between her home in San Francisco and the lethal but exciting world of Tombstone was even more jarring to Josephine than before. Yet her family hoped that she would settle down, and perhaps be more like her siblings, who had done a much better job of meeting their parents’ expectations.” -p. 69, Lady […]

Waiting for Wyatt

“When the biggest mines closed down in 1886, half the population fled in just six weeks….For now, she was Josephine Sarah Marcus again, back in her parents’ home in San Francisco. Mattie Blaylock Earp was in San Bernardino, California, with the other Earp wives. Both of them were waiting for Wyatt.” -p. 68, Lady at […]

Isaac Benjamin reporting on Jewish life in San Francisco Our Sherith Israel We turn now once more to Jewish affairs and begin our survey with the description of Congregation Sherith Israel. This congregation was organized in San Francisco in 1849. Having no permanent building of its own, it held its religious services in various places which, from time to time, were destroyed by […]

A Return to Normalcy

“This first chapter of her adventure was over, and Josephine was back in San Francisco in time to be counted for the 1880 census as a member of her parents’ household…” -p. 27, Lady at the OK Corral

When Everything Fell Apart

“Josephine left town with the rest of the troupe, continuing on to Prescott. And then everything fell apart…On January 28, 1880, the San Francisco newspapers raised eyebrows by publicizing the end of the marriage: “Miss Pauline Markham of the Pinafore Troupe, left last night for parts unknown. Domestic difficulty is supposed to be the cause.” […]

First Trip to Arizona

“Using the stage names May Bell and Belle Hewitt, Josephine and Dora went through Los Angeles, then San Bernardino, finally drawing close to the Arizona Territory, passing through an alien landscape of desert and mountain passes that reinforced Josephine’s sense of estrangement, guilt, and doubt.” -p. 24, Lady at the OK Corral