Josephine’s Story Unravels

Mabel and Vinnolia could not ignore the mounting number of discrepancies and inconsistencies. Her father was a wealthy industrialist in one conversation, a silk merchant in another, always an upper-class German, never Prussian or Polish, and never a modest baker. … When she became the lawfully married Mrs. Earp, she was always faithful, never jealous, […]

Josephine Returns to Tombstone

Josephine had never wanted to see Tombstone again, but in February 1937 she agreed to a research trip, accompanied by Vinnolia and Harold Ackerman. … It was Josephine’s first visit to Tombstone since she left in 1882. They drove in the Ackermans’ car, with side trips to Dodge City and San Antonio for interviews with […]

Meeting Wyatt

“Josephine met Wyatt in the summer of 1881, most likely at Sol Israel’s Union News Depot on Fourth Street. They had been circling each other for the better part of a year. Unlike the Earp wives, Josephine did not keep herself hidden at home but was often in town, shopping and picking up her mail […]

Who fired the first shot

  Tombstone History Archives Chronicles Of Tombstone’s Turbulent Years O.K. Corral: A Gunfight Shrouded in Mystery – by Casey Tefertiller and Jeff Morey O.K. Corral: A Gunfight Shrouded in Mystery   Tombstone’s deadly October 1881 shootout featuring the Earps and the Clantons remains controversial years later, but who fired the first shot may not be […]

The Earp Plan

“The Earps came to Tombstone to make money. Everyone dreamed of striking it rich, but Wyatt and his brothers knew better than to rely solely on the vagaries of mining. Wyatt’s initial plan was to start a stagecoach line, but he discovered belatedly that the town was already well served. he was not discouraged. ‘There’s […]

Earps to Tombstone

“In September 1879 the Earp caravan set out for Tombstone. Among the party were James and Bessie and her teenage daughter. Doc and his longtime companion and lover, ‘Big Nose’ Kate, had made plans to join them later. Younger brother Morgan Earp― everyone’s favorite―and his common-law wife Louisa were also on the way. And there […]

Enter the Earp Wagon

“The Earp Wagon came rolling into Tombstone in December 1879, laden down with furniture and pots and pans, a sewing machine hanging off the back. The family looked more like a bedraggled pack of peddlers than smooth gamblers and cool lawmen. Their timing was excellent.” -p. 32, Lady at the OK Corral

Back to Tombstone

“It was time for Josephine Marcus to give the frontier another chance. her misgivings melted away under the pressure of her own boredom and restlessness…Josephine was in the grip of ‘an enticement that would beckon to her all her life and that she could never resist―that was the lure of the prospect trail.’ By December […]

A Secret that Fuels a Life of Adventure

“The brief acting career of Josephine Sarah Marcus was a secret known only to her immediate family. That first experience in the Arizona Territory set the pattern for the conflicting impulses that would always govern her choices―a hunger for adventure and romance, and a craving for status and respectability.” -p. 26, Lady at the OK […]

When Everything Fell Apart

“Josephine left town with the rest of the troupe, continuing on to Prescott. And then everything fell apart…On January 28, 1880, the San Francisco newspapers raised eyebrows by publicizing the end of the marriage: “Miss Pauline Markham of the Pinafore Troupe, left last night for parts unknown. Domestic difficulty is supposed to be the cause.” […]