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First Earp-roduction

“They traveled by stagecoach from Benson to Tombstone. Just before departure, a handsome young man climbed up and took the seat next to the driver, tipping his hat to Mrs. Jones. Kitty identified him as Morgan Earp, shotgun messenger for the Wells Fargo company and one of the Earp brothers. You will be meeting the […]

Nome Society

“The Earps were getting rich, but the Dexter’s popularity did nothing for Josephine. … What passed for high society in Nome was already closed to her. As the wife of Nome’s most famous saloonkeeper, she was invisible, caught once again in an unpleasantly familiar netherworld.” -P. 113-114, Lady at the OK Corral

A Troubled Marriage

“Josephine confessed to her friend and biographer Mabel Cason that Wyatt had affairs during their time in Nome. She was alone most of the time, or with her family. She was gambling heavily—and losing. Instead of betting on the horses—impossible in Nome—she was indulging her fondness for card games, and she had trouble meeting her […]

Rampart Society

“Rampart society was tightly knit but welcoming to newcomers. Although it had none of the sophistication of San Diego or San Francisco, it was the first place that Josephine had ever lived where a gambler and his common-law wife could socialize freely and enjoy the company of a diverse and remarkable cast of men and […]

Josephine’s Home in Rampart

Josephine improvised a cozy home, the only one that she would ever recollect with nostalgia and pride. The resulting scene of domestic bliss stood out among the long list of hotels and campsites that they called home. -P. 98, Lady at the OK Corral

On Leaving Rampart

“Josephine could be softhearted and occasionally nostalgic. But if she had any regrets about leaving Rampart, or any other choices she made in her long life with Wyatt, she buried them deeply. The road ahead was all that mattered.” – P. 102, Lady at the OK Corral

St. Michael Society

“The weather was warm, but Josephine was immediately thrust back into the deep freeze of social isolation, so repellent after Rampart. Wyatt’s world of saloons and gambling and shady ladies pushed her out again to the distant margins of a disapproving society.” -P. 106, Lady at the OK Corral

Nome’s Boomtown Summer

“Josephine arrived during Nome’s first summer as a boomtown, just a few weeks after the discoveries on the beach. Long suspected as a rich source of gold, Nome’s extreme northern location, remote even by Alaskan standards, kept it off-limits. In this gray and barren landscape, there was not a tree between Josephine and the North […]

The Dexter

“Wyatt formed a partnership with his friend Charlie Hoxsie and built a new saloon called the Dexter. Miners needed to drink, to gamble, and to enjoy the company of women: that is how Wyatt knew how to make money, “mining the miners,” as he said to his brothers.” -P. 113, Lady at the OK Corral